Researcher from the Cochrane Network gives course on systematic reviews of health information


Eighteen teachers belonging to different schools of the Faculty of Medicine participated in the second course on systematic reviews for informed decision-making in health, given by the Faculty within the framework of the collaborative alliance -between the Universidad de Valparaíso and the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (Spain), in the fields of research, publication development and teacher training, through the Cochrane Network.


The programme was again led by Professor Gerard Urrútia Cuchí, deputy director of the Cochrane Ibero-American Centre, professor at the UAB and external CIESAL collaborator, who is visiting our faculty as part of a CONICYT-MEC project awarded to CIESAL to recruit highly trained human capital from abroad.

The course seeks to explain how to prepare a systematic review, that is, how to read, interpret and use the data arising from systematic reviews, but with a particular focus on how to do this in a suitable way for carrying out research.

“Simply speaking, the objective of this programme is to train teachers to carry out an adequate systematic review, taking into consideration the objectives and the selection criteria for the reviewed information as well as the assessment of data analysis and the risk of bias, among other factors, to enable them to advance in specific studies and research,” stated Professor Urrútia.

Academics Macarena Morel, from the Universidad de Chile; Gabriel Rada, from the PUC; and Javier Pérez-Bracchiglione and Eva Madrid, professors at Universidad de Valparaíso’s School of Medicine, also participated as speakers on the course.