CIESAL invited to Journal Club UV roll-out


Researchers Javier Pérez-Bracchiglione, Eva Madrid, and Marcelo Arancibia met with members of the Scientific Society of Medical Students, who are interested promoting scientific discussion within the School of Medicine community through the Journal Club.

The Journal Club UV will be made up of UV Medical students and will be aimed at promoting undergraduate research and fostering scientific research skills through talks and discussions with researchers, critical reading of scientific articles, theoretical and practical workshops, and competitions based on research topics.

In the talks, which will be broadcast via zoom, teachers involved in research will be invited to engage in dialogue with two medical students followed by a discussion with the general public.

With regard to critical reading of scientific articles, different groups of UV Medical students will read texts on research topics and subsequently engage in debate. In addition, the Journal Club will hold expository workshops on relevant issues in the field of research, leading on to practical workshops where the subject matter will be discussed further.

The first discussion that the Journal Club de Medicina UV will organise, on a date to be announced in the next few days, will aim to answer the question: Why is research important and how can we promote research?