CIESAL researcher makes important visit to chinese universities


From October 10 to 23, CIESAL’s director and researcher, professor Rubén Alvarado, visited different academic and health institutions in China. His first activity was to participate in a Seminar at the School of Population Medicine and Public Health, Peking Union Medical College, and in the International Conference on Cancer Prevention and Control, in the city of Beijing.

These activities were organized by professor Youlin Qiao, director of the WHO Collaborating Cancer Center for the World Health Organization. They discussed different lines of research collaboration that relate mental health to different aspects of cancer prevention and early detection.

Dr. Alvarado then traveled to the city of Dalian, where he carried out different activities at the International School of Dalian Medical University (DMU). In addition to meetings with its authorities aimed at establishing an agreement that allows the exchange of students and academics between the University and the University of Valparaiso, he held a conference on the situation of Mental Health in Latin America.

Finally, he visited the Children’s and Women’s Hospital in the city of Chengdu, sharing with different clinical teams and authorities, aimed at establishing a collaboration agreement, both in research and for the exchange of students in these medical specialties.

The visit of the researcher represents important advances in the academic linkage and outreach of the Interdisciplinary Center for Health Studies CIESAL and also for the School of Medicine and the University of Valparaiso.