CIESAL researcher is the author of one of the most cited articles in the prestigious Wiley publishing house


Research on stress resilience in rodents is starting to be replicated in humans

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(Español) Colaboración Cochrane y CIESAL participan en jornada sobre investigación cardiovascular


(Español) El evento se desarrolló en el Departamento de Enfermedades Cardiovasculares de la Escuela de Medicina

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Roberto Garnham obtains his Master’s Degree in Clinical Epidemiology with the highest qualification


Roberto Garnham is a collaborator of CIESAL and a professor at the UV School of Medicine

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CIESAL researcher Felix Aguirre was interviewed by El Mercurio de Valparaíso


He was consulted about the outlook for political coalitions in the 2024 elections

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CIESAL researchers are awarded Fondecyt 2024 projects


Researchers Rubén Alvarado and Eva Madrid have been awarded regular FONDECYT grants in the 2024 competition as associate researchers

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CIESAL researcher completes doctoral stay in Denmark


Javier Bracchiglione spent three months at the University of Southern Denmark

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CIESAL researcher was nominated for an award at the European Anesthesia Congress


Nicolás Meza's study is part of his doctoral thesis for the Autonomous University of Barcelona

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Professors and students of Medicine carried out the Community Health Census in Chiloé


The initiative was led by CIESAL teacher and researcher Rubén Alvarado

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CIESAL researcher, Rubén Alvarado, gives keynote lecture at 2nd International Congress on Mental Health


During the conference, Dr. Rubén Alvarado addressed the situation of suicide in adolescents in the Andean countries

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Researchers from 6 chilean universities, under the leadership of CIESAL, publish important research work


It deals with the oxidative damage of inhabitants of the Quinteros-Puchuncaví area, associated with the presence of heavy metals

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