CIESAL researcher completes doctoral stay in Denmark


CIESAL’s senior researcher, Javier Bracchiglione, has just completed a three-month stay at the University of Southern Denmark, which hosts the Cochrane Collaboration Methods Group.

Dr. Bracchiglione’s stay is part of the completion of his PhD programme with international mention in Biomedical Research Methodology and Public Health at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain. In this programme, Dr. Bracchiglione has focused his thesis on the development of novel methodologies for the development of overviews (reviews of systematic reviews).

His stay in Odense, Denmark, has been led by Dr. Asbjørn Hróbjartsson, head of the Clinical Research Department, the Odense Centre for Evidence Based Medicine, and the Cochrane Methods Group. The Cochrane Collaboration is currently the reference standard for evidence synthesis in health, which highlights the importance of the opportunity to work with expert methodologists from this collaboration. In addition to being involved in local projects, during his stay Dr. Bracchiglione has developed research work with two leaders in the area of overviews methodological development: Dr. Dawid Pieper, from the Brandenburg Health Services Research Centre, Germany, and Dr. Carole Lunny, from the University of British Columbia, Canada.

We congratulate Dr. Bracchiglione for his ability to conduct innovative and collaborative research at an international level, strengthening the prestige of our Centre and our University.